New York Jets fans are eagerly awaiting the Aaron Rodgers trade, as the Green Bay Packers quarterback should be on the move shortly. Adam Schefter had some fun at their expense.

The Aaron Rodgers saga may finally be coming to an end. Rodgers met with New York Jets executives in recent days to see if their organization would be a fit for him. The amount of convincing necessary by New York — a team with all the tools to make a playoff run minus a quarterback — is akin to jumping through hoops just to pay $60 million.

But, if that’s what it takes to win some playoff games for the first time since Mark Sanchez, it’s worthwhile.

With a trade on the horizon, Adam Schefter had some fun at the expense of Jets fans.

The trade Schefter did announce was New York acquiring Ravens safety Chuck Clark for a seventh-round pick. Ew.

Jets fans weren’t happy with Adam Schefter for Aaron Rodgers troll

Adam Schefter is one of the two premiere NFL insiders in the business, with the other being NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. He’s also a PR bot, basically at the mercy of agencies and owners alike, but I’ll avoid that rant for now.

The replies to Schefter’s tweet were hilarious, as fans weren’t thrilled with the ESPN product.

He was already the worst, you’re just now realizing it.

This isn’t even the first time this offseason that Schefter has trolled regarding a top trade target, as he suggested the Washington Commanders could be in play for Lamar Jackson as a way to target the Barstool Sports community. It…really wasn’t a great bit.

Rodgers will get traded someday soon. And when he does, we hope Rapoport or literally anyone else gets the scoop.

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