While most League of Legends champions are still mixing and matching the refreshed items just added to the game with Patch 13.10, AD carries already have a must-build item.

After Riot Games packed and shipped Patch 13.10 on May 17, League players spent a couple of days running experiments with various builds, but Stormrazor has surfaced as one of the best items for almost all AD carries. From Jinx and Caitlyn to Akshan and Kai’sa, AD carries are thoroughly enjoying the new and improved version of Stormrazor. 

Until this patch, Stormrazor was a rather situational item AD carries would opt for when playing against long-range teamcomps since it empowered basic attacks and slowed enemies by 75 percent for 0.5 seconds. Now, the item also empowers auto attacks with bonus magic damage and provides a burst of movement speed for a second. 

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In addition to the strong on-hit effect, Stormrazor now has a much more intuitive build path that includes Noonquiver, Cloak of Agility, and Kircheis Shard, giving AD carries all the stats their little hearts desire—Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Strike chance, and movement speed. 

The only bot laners who don’t favor Stormrazor are Draven, Samira, and Nilah, but that’s because they generally prefer a Lethality build with the new Yuumu or they are pairing the new Galeforce with the Collector and one-shotting everyone on their way. 

Assuming the goal of this item rework was to create more unique build paths for AD carries and separate them into clear-cut categories like on-hit AD carries, burst AD carries, and crit AD carries, this iteration of Stormrazor might not live for long and it will most likely see changes and potentially even nerfs. Until then, enjoy the ride.  

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