After the launch of Counter-Strike 2 in a limited test phase last week, most of the player base is excited for what is to come to Valve’s historic FPS franchise. While many of the players are focusing on the regular five-versus-five competitive mode, there is also quite a number of fans that want the developer to give some love to Wingman, a two-versus-two competitive mode initially added in 2017 as part of Operation Hydra content that became permanent after the operation was over.

The main complaint players have of Wingman mode in CS:GO is the fact that Valve kept leaving only two community maps in the official rotation while using several official maps that were just cut in half to be playable in Wingman. Community maps like Pitstop, Ravine, and Calavera add way more depth to the game mode as they were specifically designed as Wingman maps, unlike traditional maps like Train, Vertigo, and Inferno.

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“I have played 2,000 Wingman games, [and] as a busy guy with busy friends, this game mode has been my salvation and for all the 20 real-life friends who drop by for a wingman once in a while, Wingman is the only way we can guarantee a game with ‘just us’ versus the masses of Counter-Strike,” one player said on Reddit. “Why are there only two maps in the Wingman map pool built for Wingman, while the rest of the maps are 2011 versions of official maps cut in half / often designed for a different mode?”

Although Wingman queue takes longer in CS:GO because the number of players interested in playing the mode is way lower than regular five-versus-five gameplay, this could be directly tied to Valve’s lack of interest in improving the overall experience in Wingman over the years in CS:GO.

If Valve listens to community feedback, Wingman could become a viable competitive option in CS2 for players that don’t have enough time to play a 30-round five-versus-five game or simply want to duo with a friend. If the focus is on community maps instead of regular maps, this would also encourage map creators to come up with innovative content for Wingman.

CS2 is officially launching worldwide this summer after Valve collects enough feedback to improve the game while it’s in limited testing. The update is already making waves as content creators, professional players, and fans are deeply interested in trying out or watching CS2 content, and has also pushed CS:GO to reach an all-time peak on Steam.

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