Vitality’s rifler dupreeh has become the only professional CS:GO player in the world to surpass the $2 million mark in tournament earnings, according to Esports Earnings. The Dane broke this milestone after helping ZywOo and Co. win the BLAST Paris Major on May 21.

Dupreeh now sits at the top of tournament earnings in CS:GO esports with $2.164 million. The way Esports Earnings calculates this number isn’t the most accurate because it only splits the prize pool a team won between the five players, but it still gives fans a glimpse of how much a top-level pro accrues in tournament earnings across their career.

All the other top five CS:GO players in tournament earnings have played with dupreeh throughout their careers. Magisk is the fifth on the list and is currently playing with dupreeh in Vitality, but he also was part of Astralis like Xyp9x, dev1ce, and gla1ve—the other pros in the top five. Together these five won three consecutive CS:GO Majors together between 2018 and 2019.

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Dupreeh has been setting new records since Vitality qualified for the BLAST Paris Major in April, becoming the only CS:GO pro in the world to attend every Major in history. Valve started running Majors at DreamHack Winter in 2013 and went on to organize 18 more after.

The Dane also became the only CS:GO pro to have won five Majors after lifting the BLAST Paris trophy with Vitality. He won four Majors with Astralis—ELEAGUE Atlanta in January 2017, FACEIT London in September 2018, IEM Katowice in March 2019, and StarLadder Berlin in September 2019.

Dupreeh said in interviews after the BLAST Paris Major was over that he plans to continue competing when the scene switches to Counter-Strike 2, so there’s a possibility he breaks more records in the near future.

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