In 2022, Fall Guys switched from being a paid game to free-to-play. Along with that, it’s now available on just about every platform out there! This new model for Fall Guys makes it much easier for players to get involved. The Fall Guys active player count has changed quite a bit with this big boost in players that are available to jump into the game.

Fall Guys active players initially started off very strong but it did then dip. That’s until these recent changes though. Fall Guys’ initial launch was limited to just one platform. It was available as part of a subscription, but the Fall Guys player base was still limited to just one console. Even with some Fall Guys esports events picking up at this time, the player base was limited.

More recently, Epic Games has purchased Fall Guys. They’ve expanded the title, branching it over to more platforms. It’s also gone free to play, which means pretty much everyone has the chance to play Fall guys. There are still more serious players than others, with only some bothering using the best Fall Guys settings. However, the transition has definitely added a lot of players to the game. How has this change affected the player base, and how does the Fall Guys player count now look?

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Fall Guys Players Count in 2023

The player count for any specific game doesn’t have a single metric you can look at. We’re usually stuck looking at a few different figures. We can look at overall downloads or current players on any given platform. Sometimes developers release information when they hit a specific milestone too.

Even with all of this though, it can be difficult to get a full picture. With the information that we do have though, we can look at what information is available to see how it’s doing.

Steam and Epic Games Player Count for Fall Guys

In March 2023, the all time player count was up to 172,026. That’s a massive increase compared to just months before. For example, back in June 2022, the game went free to play and the average player count was 17,420.

Let’s focus on this period as this is when huge changes were made to the game. June to May’s gain was around 175%, with another 75% gain in July. The average peaking even more in July though is more down to only one part of the month before being free to play. July had an entire month of the expanded player base, but June only had a few weeks.

These numbers are impressive on Steam and they’re reflected on the Epic Games store too. The peak for concurrent players in June was high at 172,000 players. These numbers show an amazing expansion of the players jumping into Fall Guys when it moved over to free-to-play. Those playing on PC could play cross-platform too, competing in any rounds from the Fall Guys games list with those on other platforms.

These figures for players only include PC though, even if they’re playing with friends on other platforms. There is more information we can look at for the Fall Guys active player count for the overall count.

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Fall Guys Player Count on Consoles

The Fall Guys player count in total has to include players on all platforms, not just Steam. Fall Guys has a decent player base on consoles as well as PC. While the best Fall Guys players often compete on PC, there isn’t a huge disadvantage to using a console here. That’s made the game pretty popular across platforms.

It’s not as easy to find out how many people play Fall Guys as it is to see the CS:GO player count. Unlike PC though, we don’t get too up-to-date figures on consoles. These numbers are largely kept private. However, we can probably expect it to be roughly in line with the PC players in terms of peaks. Although, the height for these numbers is probably much more recent since the game has only launched on Xbox and Switch this year.

Fall Guys Total Player Count

In terms of total players, Fall Guys managed to add another 50 million players in just two weeks when it went free to play. These new numbers definitely indicated a huge amount of possibilities for all of the Fall Guys players.

We don’t know how many of these players were concurrent and playing at once. However, we can fairly say that the Fall Guys player count is currently in a very healthy place! These numbers show that the total player count is currently on the increase along with the general peaks for concurrent players rising pretty frequently

The Fall Guys active player count definitely looks healthy. We can expect it to drop a bit in the future since the game is going to move past its initial hype from going FTP. However, if they can continue building areas like esports and add games, Fall Guys looks pretty healthy for the future.

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