Tommy Fury has aspirations of traditional titles in the sport, but he’s being advised to stay on a tangent to face Jake Paul for a second time.

The Diriyah belt that Fury is sporting since his split decision win over Paul has, whilst pretty, no bearing on his status as a professional boxer.

The Brit silenced the brash American – who had previously said there was no way he could lose to Fury if he wanted to be taken seriously – by outboxing him over eight rounds.

As per Paul’s contract, he can now activate a rematch clause. Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren, told IFL TV that the second fight is what makes sense for Fury.

“It makes the most sense doesn’t it? I think Jake will obviously want to do it, and I’m sure Tommy will because it’s a very lucrative fight for both of them if people buy back into it again.”

There’s no question that what the fight lacked in skill it made up for in promotion and hype.

The event in Saudi Arabia was attended by some of the biggest names in the sport, and has, according to Paul, performed well on pay-per-view.

Whether or not that intrigue remains for a second fight will be tested, but given that both fighters are known best for their profiles outside of the ring, it’s likely they’ll be able to make another success of this rivalry yet.

Should the rematch not materialise, Fury could continue on the crossover scene by facing the likes of KSI or other similar names.

If he wants to move back to the traditional route, he must take a pay cut with it – it will be impossible to find a well-matched opponent who gains him the sort of purse he walked away from Saudi Arabia with.

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