The latest patch for Guilty Gear has hit the game with new features and quality-of-life changes. The Guilty Gear Strive 1.25 patch should make the game perform better especially on more demanding stages. This is what’s changed with the latest update.

Guilty Gear Strive 1.25 Patch

The bulk of the Guilty Gear 1.25 patch is general improvements and updates to the player experience, not balance changes. The first of these is new room search options. You can search for player IDs which also have a simpler system using a six-digit code. You can also now play a combo recipe without downloading it first.

Other changes and fixes have been made to Ranked Tower and Open Park. These game modes should all play a bit better now, there’s one improvement which should make the entire title more reliable though.

The new patch will reduce processing loading for matches and specifically for more demanding stages. This is a move which should improve the reliability of this one of the top fighting games.

Character and Balancing Changes

We’re still getting Guilty Gear Strive patch notes to add QoL features, but balancing changes are missing from the 1.25 patch. When can we expect to see characters changed around though? This patch was originally intended to have a new character. The DLC update got pushed to April instead though, so fans have a little while longer to wait. If you’re happily maining an existing character like Faust Guilty Gear, you don’t have to adjust your gameplay at all with this patch.

Guilty Gear Strive is still getting DLC and new features like in this patch despite being pretty far into its life. Between new content and big tournaments like EVO on the horizon, there are a lot of reasons to follow this game right now.

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