With playoffs looming on the horizon or already in full flight around the League of Legends world, Riot Games is looking ahead to the next major event, the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, and making a host of champion changes in League Patch 13.7 as the run-in begins.

That includes a raft of buffs for popular characters⁠—ranked and pro play darlings alike⁠—including Katarina, Kalista, Graves, Alistar, and even Yasuo.

Headed the other way in 13.7’s change list, which was first revealed by head dev Phroxzon on March 27, are a host of strong picks from Veigar and Annie to Wukong, Lee Sin, and Zeri, the reigning ADC queen.

And, while Milio’s arrival last update means there won’t be any major champion debuts stuffed into April’s first patch, that doesn’t mean League players are going to go wanting by the time it rolls around; a small bundle of dog-themed skins is expected to land in the shopfront midway through the cycle.

Here’s everything you need to know about League Patch 13.7.

League Patch 13.7 release date

The next update of 2023 will roll out on Wednesday, April 5, according to Riot’s patch schedule. As per usual, the patch will roll out worldwide across the day, starting in Australia at around 10am (AEDT). Here are the key patch rollout times for some of the major League servers:

  • 3am PT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

There will be several hours of downtime once the patch begins. Matchmaking and competitive queues will be disabled across all League servers three hours before the update is officially deployed and set live.

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What’s coming in League Patch 13.7?

Buffs and nerfs galore as MSI looms

With the first premier League event of the year just around the corner, it’s all hands on deck to get the Season 13 metagame heading in the right direction.

“We’re two patches away from MSI,” top dev Phroxzon said on March 27, before adding League’s dev team is liking how the meta is shaping. Despite that, they’ve still got some tweaks they want to make.

That includes changes for playmaking mage Katarina, another lift for Azir, and careful boosts for several fringe champions. Jungle’s S-tier picks⁠—Olaf, Sejuani, Vi, Lee Sin, and Kha’Zix⁠—are all in the firing line, as are several bot lane powerhouses like AD carry monster Zeri and hook-happy Thresh.

Rammus and Veigar will also have their win rates fiddled with.

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Here are all the early patch notes for the April 5 update. Remember, until Riot releases the official notes, any of these buffs, nerfs, and changes are still tentative and could be pulled for a later League update at any time.

League Patch 13.7 early patch notes

Champions Alistar

  • Armor increased from 44 to 47.
  • Base health increased from 670 to 685.


  • E cooldown increased from 12-8s to 12-10s, base shield reduced from 60-220 to 60-200.


  • Armor increased from 19 to 22.
  • Attack speed growth increased from to 5 to 6 percent.
  • Skill recommender changed from Q max suggestion to W max.
  • Passive duration increased from 30 to 45, summon range increased from 500 to 700.
  • Q mana cost increased from 65-85 to 70-110, stab range reduced from 370 to 325.
  • W mana cost changed from 40 flat to 40-20, damage per rank increased from 50-90 to 50-118, total damage increased from 50-200 to 50-210.


  • Crit bonus increased from 20 to 30 percent.
  • R cooldown reduced from 120-60 to 100-60.


  • Attack damage growth increased from 3.5 to 3.75.
  • Oathsworn Bond Ceremony has been shortened by four seconds.


  • Passive dagger ability power ratio increased from 65-95 percent to 70-100 percent.
  • R bonus attack damage ratio changed from 18 percent bonus attack damage (plus 30 percent bonus attack damage per 100 percent bonus attack speed) to 16 percent bonus attack damage (plus 50 percent bonus attack damage per 100 percent bonus attack speed).


  • Isolation range reduced from 425 to 375.
  • W evolution slow reduced from 60 to 40 percent, isolated slow reduced from 90 to 75 percent.
  • R duration increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

Lee Sin

  • Base attack damge reduced from 68 to 66.
  • Base attack range reduced from 36 to 34.


  • Passive attack speed reduced from 60-100 to 50-100 percent.
  • Q damage reduced from 70-270 to 65-265.


  • W percentage bonus armor reduced from 40-100 to 40-80 percent.


  • Passive elite monster damage cap reduced from 300 to 250.
  • Q cooldown increased from 18-12 to 19-13.
  • R cooldown increased from 120-80 to 130-90.


  • Q cooldown refund on hit reduced from three to two seconds.


  • Q ability power ratio changed from 60 to 45-65 percent.
  • W ability power ratio changed from 100 to 70-110 percent.
  • R ability power ratio changed from 75 to 65-75 percent.


  • Q damage adjusted from 55-155 (plus 70 percent base attack damage) to 45-145 (plus 80 percent base attack damage).
  • E attack damage ratio increased from 110 to 120 percent, ability power ratio increased from 90 to 100 percent.


  • Base attack damage reduced from 68 to 66.
  • W cooldown increased from 22-12 to 22-14.
  • E bonus attack speed reduced from 40-60 to 35-55 percent.


  • Passive shield increased from 100-475 to 100-575 (heavily backloaded).
  • E damage amp changed from 25 percent base damage per stack up to two stacks to plus 15-25 percent total damage per stack (scaling with champion level) up to four stacks.


  • Health growth reduced from 115 to 110.
  • Passive shield steal reduced from 60 to 50 percent.
  • R attack damage ratio reduced from 100 to 85 percent.

Items Death’s Dance

  • Attack damage reduced from 65 to 55.
  • Haste increased from zero to 15.
  • AR reduced from 50 to 45.
  • Build path reverted to pre-change path again.

Abyssal Mask

  • Health increased from 500 to 550.

Catalyst of Aeons

  • Total cost increased from 1,100 to 1,300.
  • Health increased from 225 to 300.
  • Total cost of Rod of Ages and Abyssal Mask unchanged.

Cosmic Drive Runes Systems Grievous Wounds

  • Oblivion Orb, Morellonomicon, Chemtech Putrifier, Executioner’s Calling, Mortal Reminder, and Chempunk Chainsword now apply Grievous Wounds to targets that completely block the damage with shields. Invulnerable targets are still exempt.

General Skins

Update March 28, 10:07pm CT: Added patch change details.

Update March 28, 12:17am CT: Added Phroxzon’s early League preview.

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