HisWattson is one of the most well-known Apex Legends players, across both the Apex esports scene and as a wider streamer. He’s no stranger to controversy though. In the past HisWattson has received temporary bans from competitive events. He’s even gotten into controversy over his opinions on the direction of the game. This week we’ve seen HisWattson banned from Apex Legends unexpectedly.

The player has landed himself in much harsher trouble this time. HisWattson has been banned from Apex Legends, at least temporarily. A 3-day ban was handed out for breaking EA’s terms of service. Although the exact rule that he broke hasn’t been clarified. It seems the player didn’t originally know what was behind the ban either, tweeting simply that he didn’t know what just happened.

HisWattson shared this picture with the caption: “I don’t really know what just happened” | Twitter

Why Was HisWattson Banned from Apex Legends?

HisWattson banned from Apex Legends probably isn’t for nothing though. Some fans quickly figured out the source behind the ban before the player confirmed it. Specifically, they think that it’s because he left a toxic comment in a voice chat during scrims. This would mean the player was likely hit with an automated ban. It would make sense with Apex cracking down on toxic behaviour in the game.

The ban seems to have been for toxic comments. HisWattson is a good example of how EA is stepping things up to make the game a safer place to play, and applying these new rules to everyone.

The HisWattson Apex ban is far from the first time he’s run into trouble. His outspoken attitude to the game has had mixed results in the past. As one of the best Apex Legends players though, he still commands a lot of respect and attention in the competitive community. The ban is only for three days though, so fans can expect to see HisWattson back up and playing again pretty soon.

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