The Coinbox is one of the most popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournaments and the main guy who runs it, Hungrybox announced yesterday he’s banning Steve from the tournament.

Hungrybox, the Smash Melee legend, thinks the last straw for Steve being banned from the Coinbox is PMLG—the recently discovered tech that basically makes multi-hit moves not work against Steve. He argues that the tech itself cannot be banned as monitoring it is virtually impossible, especially in such a large tournament like Coinbox. This means that the next Smash Ultimate Coinbox, which will happen on March 15, 2023, will not include Steve.

He considers Coinbox to be a standard for online tournaments but calls for other tournament organizers to consider their community’s response before pulling the trigger. Hungrybox also asks them to make the decision that will be the best for the community and not just follow others.

The recent discovery of PMLG—the Steve tech that basically renders multi-hit moves unviable against Steve—sparked the discussion on whether the character should be banned or not. With Coinbox banning Steve, it might create a domino effect that will encourage other tournament organizers to follow suit, especially for major tournaments.

At the time of writing, the majority of tournament organizers still haven’t decided if they’ll ban Steve or not.

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