Everyone has bad days, and it can sometimes impact your performance on demanding titles such as Overwatch 2. If you feel concerned, this clip will show you there’s always worse out there.

An Overwatch 2 player shared a video of one of the worst plays you’ll see in the game on a May 25 Reddit thread that sparked plenty of reactions. And to top it all off, the whole team participated in it.

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A Wrecking Ball player stopped near the payload at the start of a game on Watchpoint: Gibraltar to prevent it from going forward.

In a bewildering clip, the whole enemy team can be seen running around the tank for over 20 seconds without noticing them. We can even see a Brigitte player almost stand on them without doing anything.

It’s almost like the Brigitte was building the suspense on purpose, before her Soldier:76 teammate finally discovered Ball was there all along and dealt damage to them. At that moment, the whole team finally turned on them.

Users joked about the Ball making it seem like they were always part of the map, or that other players were like raptors. “They thought you were an ornament for the payload,” wrote the top-voted comment under the thread. Another user didn’t even believed what they saw: “Are these paid actors or something?”

This team looked particularly distracted, but this is also a play that can save you some precious time even against players that actually pay attention to their surroundings.

There are tons of videos that show those kind of sneaky plays can pay off if your team distracts the enemies enough from the objective. It’s certainly one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it shouldn’t be forgotten.

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