When you notice Ashe shooting Volley from her feet or Zilean’s clunky model and animations, there’s no unseeing it and you just have to live with it. Although Riot Games promised to focus more on champion updates in 2023 and 2024, it will actually take 30 years for the devs to update every outdated League of Legends champion at this pace.

A recent post on the League subreddit suggests that if Riot plans on doing three champion updates per year as the company announced in a dev update on Feb. 16, all outdated champions will be updated by 2053—or 2032 if we only count the champions that are in a desperate need for an update like Ashe and Zilean.

The player who single-handedly calculated how long it would take for Riot to update champions divided champions into three separate categories—champions that are desperate for an update as they look terrible even with new textures, champions that are outdated but still look decent with a new skin, and champions that are in no hurry to get an update.

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While champions like Ashe and Zilean fall into the first category and Lux and Annie fall into the second category, the final category is reserved for newer champions like Viego and Nilah that are up to the modern standards of League.

In total, this player suggests 15 percent of League champions painfully need a rework, 40 percent of the champions could use a rework, and the remaining 45 percent of champions are completely fine in the state they are in right now.

If Riot takes this job seriously, all champions that are craving attention will get some love by 2032, but if we include into the equation champions that would be happy to get a rework, it would take Riot 30 years to complete all updates at this rate.

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