Jake Paul has confirmed his offer of a ‘real fight’ to Floyd Mayweather, after the two had an altercation in Miami.

Mayweather and Paul came face-to-face after a Miami Heat basketball game, where the YouTuber accused ‘TMT’ and his team of ’25 dudes’ of trying to ‘jump’ him.

Paul was filmed running away from the confrontation in a video which has gone viral on social media. ‘The Problem Child’ later uploaded a response, explaining he had no option but to run as it was ’50 against one’.

It’s not the first time the pair have had a run in. The social media star once stole Mayweather’s cap at a press conference back for a fight with Paul’s brother, Logan.

We could now be looking at the two potentially scrapping in the ring rather than in the street, as Jake Paul has doubled down on his offer to face Mayweather in a ‘real fight’.

“Floyd will not see me 1 on 1 in a real fight. That’s a fact. His team has hit my team numerous times to do one of his “exhibitions”. Now he ambushes me . Come see me in the ring, real fight, no exhibition robbing fans bullshit.”

Paul claims that Mayweather has been in touch before about negotiating an exhibition fight, but the young American seems only interested in a professional bout with ‘Money’s 50-0 record on the line.

Paul is coming off his first loss as a professional fighter – a split decision defeat to Tommy Fury – whilst Mayweather is back in America following his latest exhibition in the UK.

The boxing legend has announced that he will be competing in five more exhibitions this year in countries all over the world. It’s yet to be seen if he’s willing to squeeze in a pro bout with Paul, but it’s safe to say that it would promote itself.

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