The second split of the Apex Legends Global Series is almost here, and with it comes roster locks. All participating teams seem to have their set rosters for ALGS Pro League Split Two, and thanks to a newly-updated Battlefy site for the tournament series, many roster changes have been confirmed and even more look imminent.

The most notable is a surprising name to see on this list, Sentinels, who dropped its Apex roster following ALGS Split One. Though the org was rumored to once be picking up the core of the old Spacestation Gaming roster, it appears that this course has altered entirely, with The Guard’s roster now appearing under the Sentinels banner in Battlefy. With the wide lay-offs coming to The Guard recently, it appears that Sentinels swooped in to provide the ALGS squad with a new home.

Speaking of the old Spacestation roster, it appears that all three members are still in the Pro League but all on different teams. Mark “DROPPED” Thees has joined OpTic, as was expected, while Angello “xenial” Cardenas has made his way over to the Oxygen Esports roster. That leaves Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez, who looks to be forming one of the more intriguing rosters this split: FaZe Clan.

FaZe didn’t have a phenomenal first split of Pro League this year, failing to qualify for LAN. Now, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona is getting some LAN-tested reinforcements in the form of Frexs and former Esports Arena IGL Josue “Phony” Ruiz. 

Complexity has also completed its big change between splits. Longtime member Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller will be joined by the other two-thirds of the old Esports Arena LAN team: Nathan “Lewda” Dias and Cody “Codddy” Loze. Finally, it appears that Native Gaming will enter the fray with former SZN members Charles “Clane” Lane and Kenan “Keni” Colakovic, as well as former Esports Arena member Jaeden “Caprah” Valle, who makes his return to pro Apex after the fallout from private Discord messages last split saw the young talent miss out on LAN. They’ll join the previously-signed Louis “BulletL” Borg.

It’s one of the most hectic times of roster turnover in recent memory, as North America seemingly turns over a new leaf in pro Apex with the number of players switching teams and orgs. It should lead to an equally chaotic first couple weeks of Pro League, which begins on March 11 at 5pm CT.

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