When it comes to buying items in the Overwatch 2 shop, old skins from the original game are available in both credits from the hero gallery and in the shop from time to time. But a recent old skin drop in a bundle has led fans to realize that when a legacy skin is available in both the hero gallery and shop, it costs a little more.

Thanks to an avid fan on Reddit, we now have photos of the Devil Mercy skin before she was available in the shop and after. Normally, in the hero gallery, the legendary skin is available for 1,000 coins. But the Devil skin is now 1,500 coins in the hero gallery.

This is the same price as regular old legendary event skins, something fans are familiar with. Yet the Devil Mercy skin isn’t an event skin, it’s a legacy skin, something that costs 1,000 coins to normally purchase. Due to the Doctor’s Orders Mercy skin bundle going live in the shop, which includes the Devil skin, the hero gallery version has gone up in price.

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Whether this is a mistake or intentional, this has left fans angry. Now, they’ll have to spend more money to buy the individual skin. Fair to say, this would incentivize players to buy the bundle instead, where the total of all three skins adds up to 2,200 coins. Weirdly, it shows the discounted coins to be from 3,500, which would add up to 1,000 for the two legacy skins and 1500 for the event one, Sugar Plum Fairy. It shows that the Devil skin is normally 1,000 coins in the bundle, and yet, it’s 500 more coins in the hero gallery.

This isn’t the first time that skins have been edited in the hero gallery, with the Waveracer D.Va skin’s unavailability being a memorable moment on May 18. Plus, with the reintroduction of a formerly free Mercy skin into Overwatch 2 for a price, fans have experiences with skin issues in the hero gallery.

Some responses from Reddit have been scathing, with many calling this a scam. One of the funnier ones, from user Drunken_Queen, was a direct quote from the voice line that the Devil Mercy skin uses for a resurrection: “Heroes never die for a price.”

Dot Esports reached out to Blizzard Entertainment for an explanation for the price hike, but Blizzard had not responded at the time of writing.

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