Riot Forge released a new four-issue comic around Katarina as a prologue to The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story game coming out this April. The story narrates Katarina’s “most dangerous mission of her life” while also introducing the mages’ rebellion in Demacia. 

As stated by Riot Forge, the comic is written in collaboration with their partner and aims at enhancing the overall game experience created by Digital Sun in The Mageseeker. 

The first three issues focus on the protagonist, Katarina, her values and family, and her mission. After reconciling with Talon, whom Katarina sees as a little brother, she is shocked to apprehend that her thought-to-be-dead father is actually alive. 

As the elusive General Du Couteau reveals his face, Katarina discovers that the mission she was sent to execute by Noxian Grand General Swain is bound to fail and thus bring down her family’s name. Despite knowing so, Katarina decides to lurk in the shadows of the white walls of Demacia to kill Luxanna Crownguard—and King Jarvan III. 

Due to her values, and hopes to bring Lux on Noxus’ side, Katarina spares the little mage’s life and moves to kill the king. The mission would seem impossible to execute, but the turmoil and chaos engulfing Demacia created the perfect situation for Katarina to strike and kill Jarvan III. 

Screengrab via Riot Forge

This reveal might be pivotal to The Mageseeker endgame, as Sylas might have to uncover the real assassin behind the death of the king to clear his and Demacia’s mages’ name from it. Although Jarvan IV, the king’s son and League of Legends’ champion, knows that it was not Sylas who executed his father, he still believes it was one of the mages who rebelled, thus leading his country to hate them even more. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

Additionally, Katarina’s involvement in Demacia’s fall could have repercussions not only on the mages’ rebellion but also on the war between Demacia and Noxus. But most importantly, if Katarina is revealed to be King Jarvan III assassin, her supposed relationship with Garen could change.

The implication of this information being revealed to the protagonists of these stories could lead to their core lore and voice lines being re-written. This is why it’s very likely that the truth of the king’s assassination will remain known to the players only. 

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