A lyrical tribute to DHL Stormers head coach John Dobson from SARugbymag’s in-house poet, William Speartackle.

Oh, let me tell you a tale of John Dobson’s pride,
For he’s led the Stormers on a glorious ride.
Sixty players strong, they’ve made it to the top,
In the United Rugby Championship, they won’t stop.

Their home is Cape Town Stadium, oh so grand,
Where they’ll play the Grand Final, the best in the land.
A record crowd will gather, oh what a sight,
Cheering on the Stormers with all their might.

Record after record, they’ve broken along the way,
Losing only eight matches, they’ve come to play.
The Bulls and Connacht couldn’t withstand their might,
The Stormers scored 40-plus, what a sight!

The newspaper Rapport, in lofty praise,
Called them streetfighters and artists in their ways.
A blend of toughness and creative flair,
They brawl in the streets, then dance in the air.

Their colours, their identity, they hold so dear,
Representing Western Province with power and cheer.
Magicians and mongrels, a blend so fine,
Found in every club, in every school, it’s a sign.

Winning is important, but it’s more than that,
Their style of play brings the stadium back.
From a ghost town to a theatre of dreams,
The Stormers’ triumphs brighter than moonbeams.

Dobson faced challenges, stars departed, they left,
But he rebuilt and persisted, he was not bereft.
Through the ups and downs, the team stood tall,
One victory after another, they conquered all.

Balancing three competitions in the chase for a cup,
Dobson and his team have a spirit that never gives up.
The Stormers and Western Province, one united force,
A lesson in resilience, their journey, of course.

Cape Town Stadium sold out in record-breaking time,
Fans longing to witness the Stormers shine.
Supporters’ passion, it gives him chills,
But the players’ dedication, it truly thrills.

For every departing Springbok, new ones arise,
Playing with style, bringing joy to our eyes.
Smiles on their faces, more wins than defeats,
Dobson’s mantra, a promise he keeps.

Now they dance in the Grand Final, the league’s big show,
The Stormers are ready, their talent will glow.
With Dobson at the helm, they’ve reached new heights,
In the URC, they’ll shine their brightest lights.

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