The scores were 95-95, 96-94, 96-94 for Cameron.

Taylor, the undisputed world champion at 135-pounds, will now likely head back down in weight.

Cameron came out pressing and working a jab. Taylor was standing her ground and exchanged when Cameron came in close. Cameron closed the round with several big shots that landed flush. 

In the second, Cameron came back out pressing forward. Taylor was moving and boxing well. Cameron was digging to the body at times. Taylor was landing good counters.

Cameron continued with the pressure and was landing well in the third. Taylor was throwing punches in bunches but many of the shots were being caught by Cameron’s arms. Cameron continued to jab her way, land to the body and head. During the fourth, Cameron was landing heavy blows to the head and body for most of the round. 

The fight saw Cameron back with the jab and pressing the fight. Taylor was moving around often and throwing punches in bunches, but Cameron came roaring back with the heavier punches to the head and body. During the sixth, Taylor was holding a lot and Cameron was digging to the body and then going back upstairs. Taylor began fighting toe to toe, but it was Cameron connecting better.

In the seventh, Cameron was connecting over and over with the heavier punches. Taylor showed her chin by taking the shots to head and body. During the eight, Taylor was doing well in countering as Cameron was pressing the action. Taylor was throwing quick punches and then holding.

The ninth saw Cameron come out jabbing and connecting. Tayl9r had  few moments, but it was Cameron landing far more punches and doing damage. During the tenth, they came out trading punches. Taylor was being allowed to get away with a lot of holding. Both Taylor and Cameron were having their moments. They were fighting in toe to toe action as the fight closed out. 


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