Pearl is one of the newest locales to join VALORANT‘s varied map rotation, and has been a hit with both solo queue enthusiasts and professional players alike since its release last June. But for Patch 6.11 launching on June 6, Riot Games is planning to make a handful of significant changes to B site that should shake up how the map is played moving forward.

Four major adjustments are being made to B, starting with the main ramp to the site from the attacker side of the map. The half-wall at the top of the ramp has been shortened to half its original width, and there’s no longer a little alcove where some players can hide out or peek from. Attackers must push down the ramp since there aren’t as many places to take cover.

B screen has also been changed to give defenders a hop-up spot to peek from, which provides multiple different angles that attackers must now focus on if they wish to storm the site. The new spot also gives operator enthusiasts a new perch as they watch for a B execute through their scopes.

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The B hall area has also been given a little cubby for defenders, which can not only be used as a place to peek at ramp, but also as a cheeky angle once the attackers are able to run onto the site. From here, players can catch some enemies off-guard if they don’t check this new hiding spot. Lastly, B tower pillar has been widened to give defenders more room to keep an elevated angle.

Ever since Pearl’s release, B site has been notoriously hard to defend due to the lack of diverse angles facing the main ramp. Without some sort of wall, like Sage’s Barrier, Viper’s Toxic Screen, or Harbor’s High Tide, attackers can stream onto site while easily cutting off any angles from tower and site with a well-placed wall of their own. These changes add some much-needed diversity to how defenders can play the site, and should provide a greater challenge for attackers as they look to take over the map.

Patch 6.11 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, June 6.

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