There will never be a dull moment in League of Legends, with Season 13 already featuring jungle changes, a mid-season meta shift, the introduction of new items, and several champion changes, and June’s first update just keeps the ball rolling.

The League dev team has revealed the complete changes coming to the Rift in Patch 13.11 via a Twitter post on May 23, unveiling exactly which characters are going to be hit.

In the pre-patch announcement yesterday, we saw five champions set to be nerfed, including Kog’Maw. However, 24 hours later, it has been revealed only four League champions are actually set to receive nerfs. They include the following:

  • Jinx: attack speed growth will be reduced from 1.36 percent to one percent.
  • Aphelios: Weapon Abilities (Q) attack damage per rank will be reduced from five to 30 to 4.5 to 27.
  • Aurelion Sol: Singularity (E) mana cost will increase from 60 to 100 to 80 to 100. And AP ratio per second will be reduced from 25 percent to 20 percent. 
  • Amumu: Despair (W) base damage per second will be reduced from 20 to 14.

The reduction to Jinx’s attack speed is all part of Riot’s new preference to give champions attack damage over attack speed. Despite that, many players view the drop in attack speed growth as Riot killing Jinx. Some even claim she may become unplayable.

On the flip side, the nerf to Aphelios’ weapon abilities (Q) may seem counterintuitive, considering Riot’s shift to a more attack damage approach. But with the damage increase to many of the ADC items received in Patch 13.10, this should help ensure he’s not too overloaded with even more damage.

Aurelion Sol has consistently been dominating the Rift since his rework, but the nerf to Singularity (E) should help reduce the amount of magic damage he does and the likelihood of players spamming this ability with the increase in mana cost. All this means his CC power will be reduced, and you may not have to worry as frequently about being executed by the black hole.

Amumu is one of the few ‘OP’ champions in League right now, and this reduction to Despair (W) base damage per second is a welcome one. Based on his max health, the magic damage he does is relatively high, especially when he has his complete build, which includes nearly all health-increasing items.

While most of the champion nerfs are welcome adjustments, especially considering the item changes and CC potential, we won’t know how effective they will be, or what they could mean until they officially hit the Rift in League Patch 13.11 in June.

And, as always, these changes are tentative until they actually go live.

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