A potential undisputed welterweight world title fight between Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford splits boxing fans and pundits right down the middle when it comes to making a prediction.

The pair have been considered the best 147lbers on the planet for some time, though a showdown to finally establish supremacy in the division has proved elusive thus far.

There is arguably no one better placed to dissect a fight between Spence and Crawford than Shaun Porter, who is one of the only men to have shared a professional ring with both.

And though ‘Showtime’ stopped short of giving a prediction, he did reveal who hits harder on a recent episode of his podcast The PorterWay.

“Spence thumps harder than Crawford.”

Former IBF world champion Porter took Spence to a close run decision back in 2019, and was stopped in ten rounds by Crawford in his last ever fight in 2022.

After years of failed negotiations, playing the blame game and causing boxing fans to pull their hair out, Spence and Crawford look close to agreeing terms to settle their differences and, more importantly, establish who the best welterweight in the world is.

With both men having now entered their mid thirties, fans across the world were losing hope that the historic undisputed fight would ever take place, especially given the promotional and broadcaster barriers that have always seemed stand between the two.

However, social media went into overdrive last month when reports emerged that a deal, that would see Spence and Crawford finally meet in Las Vegas, was close to being finalised.

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