PAX East is a huge gaming contention with a wide array of attractions every year. Each year it holds a few events for players looking for head-to-head action, this year it’s adding something unique to its line up though. The PAX Arena Smash Bros Almost Pro tournament has just been announced. This is a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament which as the name implies might be targeting the less-than-established names in the game. It’s got a $10K prize pool on offer though, so all players will have the chance at winning a decent prize.

Smash Bros Almost Pro Tournament

The tournament is going to be an Ultimate event in a Solo format. Anyone attending PAX is free to register and jump into the game. There will be two days of open qualifiers where all players fight it out. That’s followed by a Top 24 and then the Grand Finals which are starting up on Saturday, March 25. PAX will be broadcasting the game over on Twitch with some as-of-yet unannounced commentators.


This is going to be an Open tournament which anyone can enter at PAX East. Smash Bros has some established names and best Smash Bros players which tend to dominate most tournaments. Events like this are a great chance to see some newer talent making the jump up.

As an Open tournament taking place the same weekend as the much more established Smash Summit, everything is to play for here among the newer players here. In the past, tournaments with a wider scope for newcomers have led to unique characters taking wins. We could see some better representation for those lower in a Smash tier list here.

The Super Smash Bros Almost Pro Tournament is an exciting addition to the roster. Some of the players coming out of this tournament could end up at future Smash Summits themselves.

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