When kennyS took to the stage of the BLAST.tv Paris Major, there was a sense of what was coming. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub was retiring from competitive CS:GO. Although he isn’t the player he was, it’s sad to see one of the greatest to ever grace the game bow out. We wanted to take a look at the kennyS CS:GO legacy, and the tributes that followed his announcement.

Credit: Adela Sznajder | © DreamHack

kennyS’ Last Dance

Upon announcing his retirement to an adoring hometown crowd, kennyS was given a legend’s reception. It’s been some time since kennyS was last competing for CS:GO’s biggest prizes, and his recent RMR performance with Falcons was a hard watch. Seeing him frustrated, not living up to his younger self. But that will just be a footnote in the kennyS CS:GO story.

We’ll remember kennyS’ CS:GO legacy as the one that single-handedly got the AWP nerfed in 2015. He was simply too good with it, and the weapon was toned down for every single CS:GO player as a result. No one else can lay claim to such a feat. He had everything. He was the king of the CS:GO clutch – you could never count him out.

His career peak was a Major win with EnVyUs, cementing his legend in CS:GO forever. This is how we’ll remember the kennyS CS:GO legacy – a born winner.

Tributes to the kennyS CS:GO Legacy

Floods of tributes from CS:GO players everywhere arrived upon the news of kennyS’ retirement. We wanted to share some, to show just how influential he was. These are some of the many posted online: