Marvel Snap’s final new Series Five card of the Days of Future Past season is here.

The latest X-Men to join Marvel Snap is Kitty Pryde, who has the ability to pass through solid objects like walls. The character was made famous in X-Men: The Last Stand when they were portrayed by Elliot Page.

Also known as Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde’s ability immediately adds value to cards like Falcon and Beast, who both have the ability to send played cards back into your hand. She’s a one energy, zero power card at base level, but her ability is what sets her apart.

Kitty’s ability text reads that “You can return this to your hand to gain +2 Power.” Since Falcon and Beast are both able to buff the character, she can easily become a one energy card with four power after a few buffs.

As she’s a one energy card, she can also easily be buffed by Ka-Zar and buffed even further with Blue Marvel. She could quickly find her way into Zoo and Bounce decks that benefit from returning cards to your hand to replay them at a lower energy value.

She could also greatly benefit from Bast, a card that sets the Power of every card in your hand to three. The deck-crafting has already begun, and top players who are in Series Five will likely try to begin playing her on the ladder right away.

With Kitty Pryde now a part of Series Five, Days of Future Past will come to an end next week. The next season of Snap was data-mined to feature Hit-Monkey as a new battle pass card.

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