CS:GO is much more than a skill-based competitive shooter. It is also a borderline casino. Even casual gamers who haven’t touched Counter-Strike their entire life have heard of CS:GO skins, but it doesn’t end there. The most expensive weapon skins remain the top dog in terms of value, but there are also stickers, and they aren’t that far behind.

Most CS:GO items aren’t worth much. This fact may be surprising for the uninitiated, as the really expensive skins can reach six-digit dollar prices easily. That’s the thing, though: If there weren’t hundreds of cheap skins going around, there’d be no reason for the expensive ones to be expensive. Premium skins cost what they cost because they stand out from the rest. The same logic applies to stickers, and there is one particular set of stickers that reaches similarly astronomical price ranges because of its uniqueness.

The stickers in question are from EMS One Katowice 2014. Even the cheapest ones go for hundreds of dollars on the market, which is way above the average sticker price already. The most expensive Katowice 2014 stickers can reach up to $80,000. In plain words, owning one of these nearly 10-year-old stickers can be very beneficial for your bank account. Owning multiple is a small fortune.

Two different Redditors shared their Katowice 2014 sticker collections in the span of a few hours on May 22 and 23. Both sets consist of four stickers, but can’t be any more different. The first one is entirely iBuyPower-themed, and the second one has stickers of four different teams—compLexity, 3DMAX, HellRaisers, and Dignitas. The only problem is that both CS:GO players applied these Katowice 2014 stickers to their guns, which makes selling the stickers impossible.

None of the stickers shown are Holo versions, which are the absurdly expensive ones, but these players missed out on thousands of dollars nonetheless. The four stickers on that AWP can accumulate upwards of $2,000 on the open market. The person sporting the iBuyPower quartet of stickers is the biggest loser of the day, though. Each of these stickers can amass over $3,000 on its own. Selling all four would have been a lucrative piece of business, to say the least.

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Naturally, neither of these Redditors is too happy with their past choices that potentially robbed them of a sizable income. As many commenters pointed out, the reality is that these stickers were used many years back at a time no one could have foreseen their value spike. It’s undoubtedly a wasted business opportunity, but on the bright side, these two can boast some of the most desired items in all of CS:GO without having paid thousands of dollars themselves. Doesn’t sound like a loser to us.

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