Kitty Pryde’s initial release in Marvel Snap in March did not go well.

A glitch caused after playing her broke games to the point that developer Second Dinner temporarily removed her. But she came back in the patch released on May 16 with a new effect. Still, most players use her in matches to somehow dominate the game. There are some Kitty Pryde strategies that can backfire in an instant, though.

One example of this was seen in a Reddit post by user Prawns3 earlier this week where a total of 10 Kitty Pryde copies were played by their opponent. The power of those Kitty Prydes ranged from two to eight, swarming all locations with a ton of power. This happened because of the Bar Sinister location, which automatically fills the location with four copies of the card played there. And with Kitty Pryde’s effect to return herself to the hand after each turn, this resulted in adding more copies of Kitty Pryde every time a copy of her was played in Bar Sinister.

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But what the user did was brutal. In the final turn, Killmonger was played, which eventually destroyed all the Kitty Pryde copies in the process. The other two cards in the location were Sunspot and a Ninja, both of which are also one-cost cards. All the units of their opponent were destroyed in an instant, leaving the user the winner in all locations with a dominant score of 6-0, 12-0, and 27-0 on Bar Sinister, Knowhere, and Shadowland, respectively.

Another play where Kitty Pryde’s weakness was shown was in a clip posted by user NegativeSirahc. A total of four Kitty Prydes were played on their opponent’s side of the locations, with eight power each. This is because of the Cloning Vats location, where a copy of a card played there is added to the hand of its user. In the final turn, after all four Kitty Prydes were played, the user played a less popular card but one with a ton of potential to disrupt plays: Shadow King.

Shadow King turns the power of cards into their base power in the location where he is played. With the help of Arnim Zola, which destroyed and summoned a copy of the lone Shadow King in the Camp Lehigh location, two Shadow Kings were cloned and played in Cloning Vats and Grand Central. All the Kitty Pryde copies in those locations became zero-power, favoring the side of the user to grab the win.

Indeed, Kitty Pryde’s potential to be an offensive powerhouse is always present in games. But it is a vulnerable card and prone to destruction and disruptive effects. And sometimes, relying on her to win matches can backfire.

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