Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian has been granted access to the CS2 beta, but in a cruel twist of fate, the notorious cheater won’t be able to play it at all. The ex-Titan player was VAC-banned in 2014 and it seems now, it’s come full circle.

KQLY has since moved on to different ventures, however, the disgraced pro shared that his VAC account had indeed received the beta on March 29, 2023.

His bans originated from using cheating software outside of pro play. However, with Valve’s strict stance on cheating, KQLY was no longer allowed to play in the pro scene. These VAC-bans usually mean a player can no longer access Valve-secure servers.

The ex-CS pro had been a part of two of the strongest French teams in CS:GO’s early history. One particular match-saving jump shot against Virtus Pro at 15-14 spawned the “KQLY” Dust 2 trend. This saw players trying to replicate the move in matchmaking and is still well-known throughout the community today.

Valve’s been very clear on who can access the beta. They stated players who have “recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing” can get access. That seems not to fit with KQLY getting access at all, leading many to assume it could just be a Valve staffer playing a joke on the banned player.

Counter-Strike’s newest endeavor has been out since March 23 and gamers across the globe have been eagerly awaiting access to the next stage of CS’s lifespan.

Right now, the CS2 beta is just out of reach for almost the entirety of the CS:GO population, barring a select few. Currently, streamers, star professionals, and now apparently VAC-banned pros have been granted access to the early tests.

Soon, hopefully, the rest of the community will get to have a crack too.

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