DreamHack San Diego is going to mark a major extension of DH Fighters and there’s no better game present to show that off than Guilty Gear Strive. The latest 2023 DreamHack event is going to feature a big tournament for Guilty Gear Strive. The DH SD Guilty Gear event has some major talent attending and a prize pool of $5,000 at stake.

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This is how the event is going to work, the format, the prizes, and which players are already confirmed to be taking part.

DH SD Guilty Gear Format

DreamHack San Diego is a wide-ranging event with everything from Brawlhalla to Fortnite having tournaments. Guilty Gear isn’t quite the highest-level event for fighting games here but between the talent coming and the prize it’s on the higher end. This is a great early tournament after last season concludes with the Arc World Tour and a chance for players to mark out the start of 2023’s big events with a strong performance.

The DH San Diego Guilty Gear tournament will be played over two days, starting off April 8th and moving through April 9th. The format will be familiar to a lot of fans, it starts with pools before we head through to a double-elimination bracket. It’s a well-honed format.

DH San Diego Guilty Gear Participants

Source: @DreamHackFG

That’s how the tournament is going to work this season, but who is going to be playing? There are some great players already confirmed. These are some of the biggest players here.

  • Aarondamac
  • Hotashi
  • Kizzie Kay
  • Stealthy MFCR
  • K7 Showoff

We’re probably going to see some varied characters getting played by the attendees. Although, there’s definitely still time to wait before we see the newest Bed Man DLC characters get into the competitive pool.

The Prize Pool

DH San Diego Guilty Gear is going to have $5,000 total in stake in prizes. The lion’s share goes to the ultimate winner, but there are prizes all along the top 8. This is how the prize pool breaks down at the event.

  • 1st – $2,000
  • 2nd – $1,000
  • 3rd – $600
  • 4th – $400
  • 5-6th – $300
  • 7-8th – $200

That’s how everything’s going to work. You can catch the stream for the tournament over at the DreamHack Fighters broadcast. This is the start of a big expansion for DH Fighters, we’ll see which players start to claim victory in Guilty Gear pretty soon.

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