We’ve all been in at least one of those Mythic+ keystones. You know, the one where most of the DPS players are so enamored with their rotation that they can’t be bothered to use their interrupts.

Typically, players can get away with having one or two people that forget to use their interrupts, and someone else can make up for the laziness, or incompetence, of the random person you added from the premade group finder.

But in patch 10.1, the leeway might go away with a nerf that’s coming to everyone’s interrupt durations. In Blizzard’s PTR patch notes for 10.1, the developers are decreasing the interrupt duration of Druid, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior by one second, and decreasing the duration of Rogue interrupts by two.

While the change seems to be something mostly intended for PvP situations, Blizzard’s patch notes specify that this change is “game-wide,” meaning it could put pressure on players to pay more attention to interrupt rotations in M+ keys.

“We feel this change would have minimal impact in other content due to how creature spells are generally designed, as most kicks are spent on spells that have inherent cooldowns longer than the interrupt duration,” the patch notes said. “We will also be keeping extra consideration of these changes for seasonal dungeons.”

Always prepared with a sarcastic quip, Thdlock, who plays Warlock for one of the foremost raiding guilds in the world Liquid, expressed his frustration with the change in a way only he could by saying the change will “surely make M+ more enjoyable for a greater audience.”

It’s worth noting this isn’t live yet. There’s still a chance players could and probably will complain enough to make this change a PvP-only update.

For now, though, it might be worth expanding your network of friends to do keys with, because pugging Mythic+ dungeons may get a little more annoying very soon.

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